The structure, length and frequency of therapy is very flexible and will be tailored to the child’s needs and attention levels.

Clinic-based face to face therapy
I have a cheerful, well resourced clinic space based in South Ascot. I have two rooms, one which is our playroom for younger children and another (calmer) room which we use for older children and parent meetings.
Therapy can be 1:1 direct work, or there is the option for paired or group therapy – this can work particularly well for children who need support with developing their social skills with peers.

Schools and nurseries
I also provide therapy in local schools and nurseries if this more convenient. This can also be very beneficial because children often carry what they learn over into the environment in which they learn it, and ideally a teaching assistant is usually present which helps children to transfer their therapy learning, and also provides modelling of strategies and activities for the school staff in how to support your child.

Home resource packs
I have put together home resource packs with detailed advice and resources for parents to carry out at home or school. This is a more affordable option for families. It includes targets, activities and all of the resources you need to carry out activities at home.

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