The aim of an assessment is to find out what your child might need help and support with, and to help guide therapy recommendations if they are required, as well as to identify the best strategies to help both at home and in school.

Assessments are carried out in a very friendly, positive and encouraging way to ensure the child feels comfortable and at ease, and so that they do not view it as a ‘test’.

The type of assessment will be tailored to your child, and depends on factors including age, needs, current language function and attention span. For younger children the assessment might be more play based. For older children we might use a more structured assessment, where children are asked to follow certain instructions or describe pictures for example. These assessments are standardised and norm referenced.

Assessment usually takes on average 60 to 90 minutes. We can then discuss the assessment findings and any subsequent therapy recommendations. A written and detailed full report can also be provided if required (these can be especially useful for Educational and Healthcare Plan applications).

There is no obligation to attend follow up speech therapy sessions following the assessment session.

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