Children's Speech and Language Therapy for Ascot, Sunningdale, Chobham, Sunninghill, Bagshot, Windlesham and beyond.

Happy Talkers is here to help with:


✔ Using recognisable words
✔ Vocabulary development
✔ Joining words together to form sentences
✔ Describing recent events and telling stories

Understanding language

✔ Developing attention and listening skills
✔ Understanding instructions and questions
✔ Following classroom instructions
✔ Remembering information

Social and play skills

✔ Initiating and taking turns in conversation
✔ Play skills
✔ Making and sustaining friendships
✔ Managing social situations

Why choose Happy Talkers?

Evidence Based Practice

✔ Best practice based on latest research
✔ Carefully tailored, motivating therapy
✔ Extensive range of approaches available

Engaging Therapy

✔ Child centred, cheery, large clinic space.
✔ Extensive range of resources
✔ Motivating, fun and effective therapy

Supporting parents/teachers

✔ Professional and reassuring support
✔ Personable, caring and friendly service
✔ Therapy programs for home and school

Find out more about our services:


✔ Comprehensive, tailored assessment
✔ Encouraging, positive and flexible approach
✔ Ensuring your child feels happy and at ease.

Flexible Therapy

✔ Weekly or fortnightly appointments
✔ Individual or group sessions
✔ Clinic, school or home appointments

School services

✔ Tailored classroom advice and support
✔ School therapy programs and resources
✔ Setting up school language groups

Common speech and language difficulties:

⭐ Difficulties saying certain sounds or words
⭐ Speech which is unclear
⭐ Not saying many, or any words
⭐ Saying shorter sentences than their peers

⭐ Difficulties describing what has happened
⭐ Attention and listening difficulties
⭐ Finding it difficult to do what you ask them

⭐ Difficulty making friends
⭐ Difficulties playing with others
⭐ Struggling with conversations

Contact us for a chat and to find out how speech therapy could help

What our clients say...

"Hannah started to work with my daughter when she was 3 years old and only spoke one word. Hannah makes everything look and sound so fun, my daughter sees her session as a special playtime and is so responsive to her approach. Hannah completely changed the way I interact and speak to my daughter. I often think of how Hannah would play a certain game to encourage joint attention and language learning whilst keeping it fun. And now one year later, my daughter has developed leaps and bounds. I believe it’s due to not only the time that Hannah has spent with her, but also with the confidence and resources that she has given me. I am forever grateful for knowing Hannah and working with her. I don’t know where we’d be without her"

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